The modern market is replete with a variety of lighting devices. Each of them is designed for specific purposes, and choosing products for comfortable lighting of the room is not difficult.


It is considered the most popular and most necessary electrical appliance for creating basic lighting. It is recommended to choose the size of the chandelier according to the area of ​​the room. In a small room, a multi-tiered model will not be appropriate: most likely, a disproportionate chandelier will press psychologically. By the way, experts of Feng Shui adhere to the same opinion: it is believed that a product with an abundance of various decorative elements above the bed interferes with restful sleep.


Wall lights with a horn (a long tube on the end of which a lampholder is mounted), giving dim light, are usually located on both sides of the bed. The optimal distance from the floor is 1.5 m. Best sconces with lampshades fit into Provence and classic style. Great for anyone who likes to read before bedtime. Sometimes used to not turn on the general light when getting out of bed.


These inexpensive and stylish fixtures are very much loved by designers for their simplicity and functionality. They help illuminate desired areas by directing a beam of light with the help of swivel brackets. Recently, spotlights on track guides are in fashion, which in exceptional cases can replace a chandelier. They fit most modern interiors, are appropriate in a Scandinavian setting, as well as in a loft-style bedroom.