The concept is a design stage, within the framework of which we develop several individual lighting options for the object, taking into account your wishes, analysis results, regulatory restrictions and international lighting design experience.

The development of the lighting concept begins with the preparation of several design options that take into account the functional purpose, architecture, location of the object and the need to implement a lighting control system.

Fundamental principles – the creation of an individual look of an architectural object and the ability to harmoniously integrate it into any space, increase energy efficiency, the ability to conveniently control modes and lighting effects.

The development of the lighting concept is carried out by qualified lighting designers who have extensive experience in developing lighting projects and use advanced ideas and developments in the field of lighting design, your idea will be guaranteed to be implemented taking into account the main global trends. Any of our projects begins with a detailed analysis, on the basis of which we draw conclusions that affect the further concept of lighting. We do not hide this stage from our customers, so the final result will be as logical and understandable for you as for a team of specialists working on your project. The concept is drawn up in the form of a detailed and consistent presentation, which is graphically presented: with the help of sketches, diagrams and 3D visualizations, it demonstrates what the proposed lighting ideas will look like and with what equipment this will be achieved. The solutions proposed in the concept are not random and do not reflect the personal preferences of its author, but are built on the basis of objective conclusions made at the stage of analysis and a detailed assessment of domestic and world experience in lighting such objects.