Before planning the lighting design in the bedroom, designers advise to determine the position of the room relative to the cardinal points, as well as the role that lighting plays for the owner of the house.

If the bedroom windows face north or west, a lack of light in the morning can disrupt the natural rhythm of a person’s life. In order for the vigorous hormone cortisol to be produced more efficiently, you need to use cold light lamps.

In the dark, bright light in the bedroom is inappropriate. Warm dim light sets up for rest, as it helps the production of melatonin.
The number of lighting fixtures depends on what exactly the owner is going to do in the bedroom: will an office be organized in it? Are you planning a TV? Do I need to highlight individual zones?
There should be several switches in the bedroom: at the entrance to use general lighting; by the bed – for reading and preparing for bed; in the working area, if necessary.