Functional area lighting

The organization of local lighting requires thoughtfulness by the owner of the bedroom. It is necessary to decide in advance in which places you will need lamps.

The bedside is the second most important after central lighting. In bed, you can read books, work on a laptop, chat and get ready for bed. In addition to wall sconces, designers often use pendant lights, as well as spots and floor lamps. Table lamps are also popular – they are successfully used not only in the working area, but also near the bed.

If the bedroom is supposed to store things (in the dressing room or wardrobe), it is worth considering the lighting of these areas. It will save time and nerves if two people live in a room and get up at different times of the day.

The installed dressing table is also recommended to be highlighted, because natural lighting is not always available. Devices with soft light without shadows and contrasts should be located on both sides of the mirror at eye level. In order not to distort the complexion, you should choose white shades.